What if you could be in your Own
Free App Business?

It's Simple.
- Download the App.
- Tell your Friends

When you go into a business ask if they have the app.

If not, Why Not?
Show them your app.

When you refer a business to us and they start their free trial, once that trial is over and they become a paying member, we'll give you $30 Cash, one time, after receipt of their paid membership.

If you are a non-profit organization we give you a choice:
The $30 Referral for TWO Months, or $5 for each and every month that the business stays with us.
This will take a little coordination and we need to have some communication on the front end as we don't want you selling, just Asking Questions.

We'll get you set up in our system and coordinate with you on your referrals, keeping you in the loop as to the progress with a monthly report.

We also have a special website you'll show them that will do the selling. It's a SmarterApp and you just want to instruct them to contact us if they are interested, and MAKE SURE you tell them to let us know you are sending them. We'll take it from there.  You also want to contact us about them.

You are out and about anyway frequenting businesses in your local area on a regular basis. Why not help that business learn about a system that has the potential to Dramatically increase their bottom line, and at the same time make a little money for your pocketbook?

Why are we doing this?

Traditional Advertising doesn't work for us.
We would need to spend $1,000's just to let folks know about it.

We have found a Far Better Way.

Watch the movie.

Let Me Know

We'll go over the details.

Work together

First, we'll speak on the phone so I can answer all your questions.
It's important you understand you WON'T BE SELLING.
I just want you to SHOW, not TELL.

How we Pay

We'll discuss what happens when money is owed you and how we accomplish that.


It's important you realize we do all the heavy lifting.
You won't need to hire anybody and you won't have any extra tasks to accomplish. We can even give you your own Website to refer folks to if you want.