Failures I predicted

Here are some Business Models where I predicted failure More Than a Year In Advance because of the Red Flags.

Some I predicted

Epic Lyfe
Kalos Life

The Push

In Each case a prominent MLM guy was pushing pretty hard for me to get in because of the old "We're All Gonna' be Rich."
Sound Familiar?

Predictions for Failure

They each have at least three of the Red Flags.

Powur (struggling)

All these companies had the same type of model, the Internal Consumption Model.

In the case of LivitUp they are were even up front about it. They readily admited that the majority of folks coming would will be Amazing admission considering the F.T.C. Rules.

Folks, the landscape is riddled with the carcass' of these types of companies.
But the sad part is all the distributors who invested Money, Time and a Lot of Effort to try and improve their lives.
I'll say it again, you need to evaluate a business with the criteria listed in before you jump in. 

In the case of Wake-Up-Now, here was an interesting article published in the local Utah news outlet business section:

There will always be those who claim the reason for failure was the CEO or the CFO, or some secret decisions behind the scenes. But here is the heart of failure in this industry.
“WakeUpNow created a sense of extraordinary excitement and hope among those people, that they would find wealth and create success through that company—even though the company itself had disclosed that 96 percent of the people in it never made any money at all,” FitzPatrick said.
“It flashed -- it was the hottest thing. It attracted a huge number of people from other MLM's,” he said. “But soon enough, reality sets in and they crash.”
So what is the real reason for failure? Excitement will Never Replace a Solid Business Model with something that the folks Need and Want, and with a Solid System to deliver.