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95% of Local Prospects are searching for you on their Smart Phones.
Once they find you What do they See? The answer will determine your future. 
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Video is now the #1 Activity on the Web.
If you want to stay relevant in this fast paced mobile world it's imperative that you get in the game with Video Marketing.


The Latest in Geofencing and Beacon Proximity Marketing, These Exclusive Systems WILL grow your customer base and sales.


What are you doing to bring your customers back more often?
Over 80% of customers say they would come back more often if they were rewarded, and 100% say they Hate Punch Cards.

Who's Really in Charge?

The Changing role of the Chief Marketing Officer in understanding who is actually in charge.

The Mobile Customer

Like it or not, Mobile has Changed the Playing field.

95% of All Local Searches are from a Mobile Device.

When they click on that button and find You, What do they see?
The answer to that question WILL determine your future.
  • Most small business owners totally botch this part.
    They spend all their money on Advertising and not Marketing.

The Mobile Visitor wants to Engage.

Do you have a mechanism in place to Grab that customers attention, kekep them interested and engage them while keeping them coming back again and again?
  • If you aren't letting them engage they will leave and find someone who will.

The Mobile Customer wants to be Rewarded.

Do you treat your repeat customers special showing your appreciation?
  • How do you show your appreciation and how hard is your system for them to use?

The Mobile Visitor wants VIDEO.

Are you using engaging video marketing to appeal to your customer and keep them interested?
  • VIDEO is now the #1 Activity on the web and having Video on your landing page increases Google Rankings by over 600%!

Below are some Bullet Points highlighting Just a Few of our exclusive features.

Latest GeoFencing and Beacon Technology.

If you Own a Business, this will be CRITICAL to you.

What if your ad popped up on their phone as they approached your business?

Latest GeoFencing and Proximity Beacon Technology that WILL Set your Business Apart.

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